Welcome to esoBB cutting edge!

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Welcome to esoBB cutting edge!

esoBB cutting edge is powered by esoBB, which is a little bit different to some of the other forums you may have previously used. Check out this topic for a basic tutorial.

Otherwise, it's time to get posting!

Currently the tag cloud on the index view is going to be full of the tags from these instruction posts. As you start new conversations you'll notice that the tag cloud adapts to the new content of the forum. In time, it'll become very distinct and will give visitors a good idea of what your forum is about.

Your forum has been designed to be completely customizable. The forum administrator will be able to choose from a bunch of plugins and skins, and adapt this forum to the needs of its community.

Anyway, good luck esoBB cutting edge, and we hope you enjoy using your 'esoteric' forum!


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